Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments and places that take our breath away. As humans, we are lucky to enjoy the inner pictures of the soul of nature. Sri Lanka is the best destination which is enriched with wildlife that creates an eager to nature creatures in the inner mind. Yala is a foremost and famous park in Sri Lanka. It is located between the southern province and Uva province. Yala national park is considered as the second largest park in Sri Lanka. It is a huge area decorated by grasslands, lagoons and also it is a safe place to wildlife such as elephants, leopards, crocodiles as well as different species of birds. It is better to visit Yala from June to September because animals come to the lagoons to drink water as that time is the dry season. Then it is easier to catch scenes of wildlife. It is covered by 37 sq miles. It opens from 6.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M. Yala National park is enriched with ecosystems such as monsoon forests and wetlands. It gets a special identity because of the highest leopard density. You can experience a world of wildlife in Yala. You can capture amazing sights by your heart as a true lover of nature. Tourists all over the world are more interested in Yala safari ride to entertain with nature, wildlife seeing and bird watching. There are five blocks in Yala national park and people can only visit block 1 and 2. It is able to experience a glorious spectacle of wildlife through Yala safari ride.

Yala safari ride witnesses the peculiar moments of wildlife and unspoilt nature. It is a way to catch the eyeshots of the diversity of wildlife that will be captivated by the human heart. You can observe the highest concentration of leopards in Yala national park as they are the main highlight of a Yala safari. The journey goes by passing thorny shrubs, huge trees, scenic lagoons and green lands. Tourists, as well as local people, can capture the views of majestic elephants, Wild boar, Spotted deer, Sambar, Wild water buffaloes, Fishing cats, Crocodiles and many species of birds during the Yala safari ride. Yala national park is revealed that it is an ideal site to see native flora and fauna by Yala safari ride. You can get close sights of wildlife through Yala safari ride in a private jeep. There are private safari organizations in Yala. There are three types of Yala safari ride. They are morning safari, evening safari and full day safari. Therefore you can choose between an early morning and afternoon departure. Your guide will explain about the wildlife in Yala national park. You can add sight worthy moments of wild nature to your picture gallery in your inner mind. Yala safari ride enhances the vivacity of tourists and locals. It provides insight into their own habitats of animals. There are thirty-two species of mammals in the park as a broad variety of wildlife. It is rich in 130 species of birds. You can observe reptiles, land and water monitors and crocodiles to your naked eye through Yala safari ride. Yala national park is considered as a treasure to Sri Lanka as it has nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka’s endemic species. Bird watching in Yala safari ride is particularly interesting because it increases your eager to explore nature.

Experiences gain from Yala national park can change your life. It is able to enjoy the magic in the wonderland of fascinating nature.