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Dream Island Lanka is built as a travel company registered under the Sri Lanka tourism development authority. Our smart team is well organized to provide you with the best experience and lovely memories throughout your journey in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Plan your ultimate adventure with Dream Island Lanka.

Confirmation of Booking

We are entitled to assume that you have read our terms and conditions by asking us to confirm your booking.

– Have to pay 50% of advance to confirm the tour
– Full payment to be paid 2 weeks prior to arrival, then we will send A Confirmation Invoice and Travel Voucher
– Payment of deposit confirms that you accept our booking conditions
– If the customer failed to meet the deadline, we can cancel your booking


– Payments are required at the time of booking.

– For credit card 1% additional charge

– There are no charges for use of debit cards.

– The Guest must pay all bank charges in the case of a bank transfer.

– Failure to do so will invalidate your booking and will bring a further charge to cover bank charges.

– There will be no additional postage fees, booking fees or other hidden charges. Exchange rates are based on live one-     day rates at the time of booking and are not subject to change.

– Late payments risk cancellation.


a. Cancellation by Dream Island Lanka

We reserve the right to cancel your booking and return your deposit if you fail to pay on time. We will amend your booking as a result of unusual circumstances beyond our control.

b. Cancellation by you

If you decide to cancel your booking, you should notify us by email. Please send your travel voucher reference number attached to the email. The cancellation will take from the date that your notice of cancellation is received.

c. The maximum levels of total cancelation charges on your booking.

1. After payment of deposit : up to 100 c/o of deposit.
2. Less than 6 weeks before departure : up to 50c/o of booking cost.
3. Less than 1 month before departure : up to 100c/o of booking cost.

Change in Itineraries

a. Itinerary changes made by Dream Island Lanka

Dream Island Lanka is emphasized to design each holiday according to client’s needs and preferences to grant authentic experiences. We reserve the right to change in itineraries occasionally. We may have to make a significant change to your confirmed arrangements.

b. Itinerary changes requested by the Guest.

If you are dissatisfied with the possible arrangement offered, you can request the itinerary changes, but they may incur cancellation charges.

c. Information provided by Dream Island Lanka

We sort a vast amount of information to help you to make the best possible arrangements. We provide information and tours of destinations, make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals and tours of our clients. This information is necessarily subjective to some degree. Infrequently, temporary local circumstances [ Power cuts, repair or maintenance work or off season] can make advertised facilities unavailable.

d. Information provide by you

It us important to provide true and accurate information and we are highly responsible not to forward your details to any 3rd party.


We assume your modest behaviour at all time. It is important to put an emphasis on good social manners and politeness.

Custom care and complaints procedure.

If you have a complaint during your holiday, you must apprise our management and they will do their best to resolve the problem. We pursue to settle all complaints amicably. We provide you with appropriate contact numbers before travel and it is your responsibility to keep them safe. We reserve the right to refuse any liability or compensation if this arbitration procedure is not strictly adhered to.

Checklist for essentials.

Make certain of the list of essentials include travel voucher, travel documents, passports, visas, driving license, insurance details and money.

Force majeure

If we have to amend your holiday as a result of unexpected circumstances beyond our control, we will not pay you compensation. This may include terrorist activities, natural disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions.


It is extremely important to have adequate travel insurance. We reserve the right to terminate your booking if you fail to obtain travel insurance cover. Details of the policy must be stated before travel. Dream Island Lanka offers a variety of insurance packages for inspection.


It is your own responsibility to check your health and vaccination certificates required for the journey before arrival. You may want to arrange medications months before travel to protect against diseases such as malaria.

Check list for the pre – overseas travel

Booking arranged by Dream Island Lanka range is from deluxe to budget hotels and resorts. We endeavour to make our planning a perfect one. But occasionally hinders, discomfort and risk can happen naturally in all travel. A booking with us is an implicit acceptance of these facts. We suggest you take responsible precautions.

Personal loss, injury and illness

If a personal loss, injury and illness occur, we provide our condolence and guidance in conjunction with your personal travel insurance policy.

Guarantee of price

We reserve the right to notify you of any increase in price before accepting your booking.

Our representatives

Our smart team of representatives is pleasant and supportive to plan your adventure and arrange your holiday. They offer advice and opinions on where to go and tourist attractions, events and customs.


We are flexible enough to customize your requirement to gain the best possible holiday package. Our team bring you the best luxury villas, contemporary beach resorts, boutique hotels, holiday apartments and resorts. They are perfect to be worth four money.


Dream Island Lanka is not responsible for the quality, functionality, guarantee of any product you may purchase during your tour.

Citations and references

The content of this website has been researched through the official website of Sri Lanka tourism develop authority, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor official websites of each accommodation provider.