Sigiriya rock fortress is a fantastic world heritage site with a very interesting history. Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress including various gardens and a palace which has a great historical significance in Sri Lankan history. It is worthy to visit and watch the remarkable palace on top of the rock which is simply amazing. It is located in Matale district which is in Central province of Sri Lanka. This is a popular attraction for tourists. Sigiriya is a remarkable creature which gives an identity to the technology in ancient Sri Lanka. This rock fortress is recognized as the eighth wonder of the world and this complex has an archaeological significance. It is a rock nearly 200 meters (600ft) high. From February to April is the best time to visit Sigiriya because, during these months, there is a moderate climate. It is better to start before 10.30 A.M or after 3.30 P.M. Then tourist people don’t have to face any difficulties because of the heat around in those time.

There was a historical story behind this rock fortress. The construction of this fortress and palace is associated with the relationship of two royal brothers, Kasyapa and Moggallana. King Kasyapa fought with King Moggallana to take the throne of Sri Lanka. Therefore he made this palace on top of the rock to secure himself from the invaders with the intention of taking possession of the throne. He created a gateway in the structure of a lion. After that, this place was named “Lion Rock”. This site is mostly captivated by archaeologists because of ancient developed technology in Sri Lanka. It’s wonderful to think; how was this castle built on these steep hills ages ago. So why are you still waiting to watch this ancient ruined palace and fortress complex containing exquisite details that were raised high towards heaven?

You can watch Sigiriya museum, royal gardens, ponds, canals, fountains and lion paw in here. This fortress complex is comprised of antiquities of a ruined palace. The entrance was designed in the form of a huge stone lion. The most significant of this site is colourful frescoes are painted on walls. Those were created during the region of King Kasyapa. They depict a historical significance in ancient Sri Lanka. Climbing Sigiriya will be a great adventure for you and it is an incredibly exciting experience. It will take about one hour or a bit longer to climb Sigiriya rock. As well as there is an impressive rock called Pidurangala rock next to Sigiriya rock. You can catch many enchanting views of nature and sunset. This area exhibits wide assemblage of wildlife such as elephants, different varieties if birds with incredible biodiversity. You can enjoy amazing elephant rides if you are interested in this nature’s great masterpiece. Sigiriya archaeological museum is the place where you can be more aware of depth history about Lion rock fortress, ruins and frescoes. Do you want to float amongst the top of the trees? Hot air balloon ride is the unique venture that you can do in Sigiriya.

The climbing of lion rock fortress might be tough and challenging, but the views are sightworthy. Stay close to nature’s heart and climb a rock through a woody paradise. When visiting Sri Lanka, Sigiriya should definitely be on your list of places to visit.