Soak in to the life changing moments that take your breathe away. There is no script for your life. Slow down a little and appreciate every moment. Kandy in Sri Lanka is a place where you can see a good view and it is a best place to dream yourself. When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go. So why are you still waiting? Visit Sri Lanka and get lost in Kandy city to make your traveling awesome.

Kandy is located in the Central province of Sri Lanka. It was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Kandy is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka. It is blessed to be home to the temple of tooth relic. Kandy is a city where you can find peace, inspiration and most importantly beautiful nature. Kandy is known to be “God’s own city” because of the greeny surrounding with rainy climate, sceneries of birds, trees, fields and views of hills.

It’s worth knowing about the history of Kandy. Especially if you are a traveler, it is better to get know more about the history of Kandy. It makes your travel fruitful and interesting too. Nothing is better than our culture. Kandy plays an important role in culture of Sri Lanka. It was identified as the last Sinhalese kingdom in Sri Lanka. The most precious property of this city is the tooth relic. The protector of the tooth relic was the ruler of the kingdom. The first king was Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu and Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe was recognized as the last king. Kandy is called as “Mahanuwara” in sinhala term, meaning “Great city”. According to folklore, Portuguese named this city as “Candea”. That’s how it got it’s name as “Kandy”.

People in Kandy are very friendly with their warm smile and they are eager to help anyone unfamiliar with aspects of local life. They have a great hospitality for tourists. They try to give best of themselves to their guests. In Kandy, the summers are short, hot and overcast; the winters are short, comfortable, wet and mostly cloudy. The best month to visit Kandy is August month because of the Kandy Esala Perahera. It is a truely remarkable and memorable event which holds annually in August month in Kandy. Hotels, villas, bungalows, guest houses, rented apartments in Kandy offer best accommodations for tourists. They range from semi luxury to super luxury with a highest standards of service and cuisine. Kandy is a mingled of tea estates, little villages, thick cloudy forests and charming hills.

There are few things which can add glamour and color to your life. Kandy would be a great choice because it offers awesome sceneries. Here are some best sites in Kandy to visit.

1. Temple of the Tooth Relic

Temple of the tooth relic is a reflection of Buddhist culture and tradition. There is a glorious golden casket called “Karaduwa” shelters with a canopy. This palace symbolizes the significance of Buddhism to the world. You will be able to watch scenic and spectacular architecture which is unique to Sri Lankan tradition.

2. Peradeniya Botanical Garden

Peradeniya botanical garden is the grandest and fabulous garden in Sri Lanka. It is consisted of an elegant environment. There are about four thousand different species of plants in here. Some of them are tropical timber trees, giant bamboo of Burma and giant trees. Coffee trees and various other tropical plants give a sightworthy view to the visitors.

3. Udawattekele Sanctuary

This is a lovely place for a wander. It is consisted of some gorgeous trees, rest spots and various wildlife. You can experience a pleasant walk with the shade of trees. It is a great escape from hustle and bustle of the city. Once you enter the sanctuary, it’s so peaceful with just sounds of animals.

4. National museum of Kandy

It is located alongside the temple of tooth relic. It provides the history of Kandyan kings, palace life and culture. There are lots of unique craft items here. This wonderful collection creates an indicator to show the richness in every site of Kandy. Tourists all over the world are welcomed to Kandy city in Sri Lanka to entertain with the beauty of nature, peace, unique culture and elegant tradition.