It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. Do you want to spend the day by wandering streets and stopping at shops and cafes? The old town of Galle is a perfect stunning city in Sri Lanka for your relaxation. Make your trip to Galle to make it unforgettable. Galle is the perfect combination of historical significance and stunning view of beach. When you visit Galle city, Galle Dutch fort and Unawatuna beach are the major places that make your traveling worthy.

The Galle Dutch fort is an ancient fort which was first built by Portuguese and then by Dutch. Galle city was famous for international trade relationships in the past. A fort was built by Dutch and it was named as “Galle Dutch fort”. But the construction of this fort was started by Portuguese. The Portuguese invaded Sri Lanka and made Galle city as their main administrative city. But king Seethawaka Rajasinghe attacked to the Portuguese With the assistance given by Dutch. Unfortunately, Dutch took this place under their control and they finished the construction of this fort by adding military facilities. This is the historical story behind the Galle Dutch fort. It is enclosing by the old town and the view of the sea. This was recognized as a world heritage site. It is located in bay of Galle. This is the fort which was considered as a defense fort. The towers and walls are built by granite stones. This site is remarked as a wonder of the world. The architecture of the Galle fort is a mixture of local, Portuguese, Dutch and British influence. So it’s a very interesting traveling site in Sri Lanka. The best month to visit Galle Dutch fort is February. There are two main entrances to Galle Dutch fort. The entrance which allows to public is located in front of the Galle cricket ground. You can watch marvelous creatures which showing antique look in Galle fort. They are Galle fort temple, Galle fort mosque, Galle fort light house, old Dutch hospital, court complex, maritime museum, maritime archeological museum, Galle fort library and a church.

There’s fantastic food and drink which you can enjoy the Sri Lankan taste definitely. Artisan cafes, hipster coffee houses and traditional tea rooms add more beauty to the Galle city. As well as you can catch the views of plenty of little hand craft and souvenir shops and breakfast accommodations. You will be able to explore Galle city as a relaxing, comfortable and quaint city inside fort walls.

When you visit Galle, Unawatuna must be in your list of  destinations.Unawatuna beach is a famous beach in Sri Lanka. The beach is looked stunning below the fort. There were corals and shells over the sand. The
habour area is magnificent and must have been awesome in it’s heyday. Stilt fishing is one of unique traditional method in Sri Lanka. It is an amazing and beautiful scenery that tourists can enjoy. It’s a chance to speak with fishermen about their simple living style. Unawatuna is one best site for surfing. It is really blissful experience that you can get the most fun. It’s a thrilling activity to ride against heavy waves. The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves. Beautiful and mysterious world creatures are hidden under the sea. The best way to observe those marvelous creature is by diving. If you visit Unawatuna beach in Galle, you are able to get internal joy to the soul by diving in depth of the sea.

Galle city in Sri Lanka is very interesting site with so many architectuaral styles within the buildings. Travel before you run out of your life.