The world is a book containing greeny paradises and Sri Lanka possesses many pages of the world book because it is foremost in beautiful nature, unique tradition, fascinating culture, and great hospitality. Do you want to get excited with old, unbelievable carvings and paintings?

Plan your trip to Dambulla to explore interesting caves of religious history. Dambulla is situated in Matale district of Sri Lanka. In ancient time, Buddhist monks used this place for their meditation. There were caves in Dambulla which gave the protection to king Walagamba from enemies. Later he builds a magnificent rock temple at Dambulla. There is cloudy weather in Dambulla mostly year round. The best time to visit Dambulla is from May to October.

Dambulla is a curious piece of crumbling history mixed with Buddhist and Hindu architecture. Golden Temple of Dambulla is the major place which adds worthy of notice to Dambulla. It is a very interesting temple which has been created from huge rock and it has lots of relics within caves. It is a thrilling experience when you climb the stairs through a wooded area full of monkeys with fantastic views. When you reach the top, you go into the cave temple and you must wear modest clothing. When you climb up, it’s a great view and worth it when you arrive and enter each of these caves. Inside there are five caves each with many Buddha statues and wall murals. They contain over 150 Buddha statues in various poses
and date from more centuries ago. The paintings on the ceiling of the chambers are incredible. The colours are spectacular. Canopy paintings on the walls indicate historical events and some indicates Buddha and Bodhisathwa characters. Thirty-five inscriptions have found from cave temple. Definitely, you will love the Sri Lankan culture after visit Dambulla golden temple.

The journey is incomplete if you do not visit these sites in Dambulla and experience some adventurous activities.

1. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides in Dambulla is a simply amazing experience that you can gain. It’s like a magical world when it is cloudy. The green landscape looks amazing at the top. It will be an unforgettable experience and you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

2. Pidurangala Rock

It will be a wonderful adventure for you. That site should not be missed. The view is one of the best sceneries gifted by nature. The climb is quiet challenging but it is worth. You will be amazed with the best sunrise in your life ever.

3. Minneriya National Park

This place is famous among tourists as well as locals due to the high population of elephants. Between May and October, the dry season is the best season to visit there. The plains are beautiful and it makes more beautiful by wildlife. You will observe herds of elephants, lots of peacocks and pelicans etc.

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