Luxurious travel may be glamorous, but not always meaningful. But travelling in Sri Lanka may be glamorous as well as meaningful. Colombo city is entitled as the commercial city of Sri Lanka. It is situated on the west coast of the island. The name Colombo is derived from classical Sinhalese word called “Kolon Thota” meaning a port on Kelani river. The name “Colombo” was first introduced by Portuguese. Colombo city is recognized as the administrative and economic centre of the country. Colombo is perceived as one of the world’s most visited cities. Create an eager in your mind to explore Colombo city which depicts the colonial influence and the modern industrialization.

When you get into Colombo in Sri Lanka, you will notice the way of Sri Lankan people great you with their warm smile. The generosity of people in Colombo can be seen and they are always accessible to help. That’s their great hospitality not only in Colombo but throughout the Island. One of a significant feature in Colombo is the distinctive mingle of cultures and enchanting tradition of four races. It’s better to visit Colombo during May, June and December because you will be keen on their religious festivals. Vesak is a religious festival celebrated by Buddhists. The streets of Colombo are lined up with beautiful Vesak lanterns. In Colombo, the Gangaramaya Vesak zone is the most popular place if you want to see the most creative collection of Vesak lanterns. Colombo celebrates Christmas festival also in grand style. It is a significant experience for tourists. April is the hottest month in Colombo and coldest is January with most daily sunshine. The colonial heritage with ancient and unique architecture is well preserved in Colombo. You will be able to distinguish colonial-era buildings around the city of Colombo. It is an extensive and worth visit to gaze at the natural harbour, historical architectural buildings with green surroundings, restaurants which offer best Sri Lankan cuisine, museum and other public facilities for tourists with five star, boutique, luxurious hotels to make sure you find the perfect one. You can find the best accommodations in Colombo with a new level of luxury in the city.

Make your day awesome and thoroughly enjoy yourself by visiting the best places in Colombo. It gives you the opportunity to have the best way of experiencing the adventure. These are the top attractions not to miss in Colombo.

1. Galle Face

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease. Galle Face is the best site to escape and sit quietly on the beach. It is a wonderful place in Colombo to walk on the streets by enjoying the taste of delicious street food items. It’s able to prospect old Dutch buildings which show the significance in Sri Lankan history. It is nothing better than walking on Galle Face street in the evening. It feels like you could walk forever.

2. Gangaramaya Temple

This is a well maintained Buddhist temple in the heart of Colombo city. It holds a huge collection of statues of Buddhist era and a worthy museum. It is relaxing to just walk around and look at all fantastic structures. This must be on your list to watch the exquisite collection of wonderful arts in Buddhism.

3. Independence Square

The independence square built in 1950 is a very nice land mark in the city of Colombo. It has a nice architecture that has followed the Sri Lankan traditional art. You are able to watch amazing carvings and designs. It is a good place to capture nice photographs.

4. Colombo port

This is the main harbour of Sri Lanka. It does international shipping transactions. The first area is a touristic area where all the major shops are for tourists to browse around and also offering cafes and restaurants. This is a very important piece of Colombo city.

5. Viharamahadevi Park

This is a lovely large park which gives great shade even on a hot sunny. It is considered as one of the largest green patches in Colombo. If you are tired by roaming around the city, just go straight to the Viharamahadevi park to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This wonderful collection creates an indicator to show the richness in every site of Colombo. It is one piece in this greeny paradise called Sri Lanka surrounded by all blessings. Tourists all over the world are welcomed to Colombo city in Sri Lanka to entertain with nature, wonderful history and their unique culture and tradition.