Arugam Bay

Who would you want to have a perfect day with a combination of beautiful waves and sky? Then don’t forget to put Arugam – bay to your travelling sites list. Arugam – Bay in Trincomalee is full of sandy beaches, clear blue water and a host of activities such as surfing and scuba diving. You will get amazed by its beauty. Arugam – Bay is a wonderful site for travellers and it is a surfer friendly zone among surfing spots in Sri Lanka. Its beach is like a beautiful moon shaped bay which is enriched with exotic birds. Sun rising is something worth to watch. Arugam is a village where nice people, tasty forge, low prices and gorgeous ocean.

Arugam Bay is a great place to try surfing. It’s an ideal spot in Sri Lanka for surf beginners, especially for regular footers. Best time to go surfing in Arugam – Bay is from April to October. Elephant rock, baby point, main point, pottuvil and whisky point are best spots in Arugam – bay. Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch through surfing in Arugam – bay. Diving in Arugambay is another great activity for tourist. Arugam – Bay is one of the famous scuba diving sites in the Island. Divers are able to observe purest coral reefs as they are rich in biodiversity. Diving sites in Arugam – bay are enriched with spectacles of reefs and fish. The best duration to dive along the eastern coast is from April to November.

Definitely, you will select Arugam – bay for your next holiday which is facilitated with a variety of restaurants, food, cocktails, accommodations, warm climate, varieties of water sports, places of interest, wildlife, birds, places with historical importance, and sandy beaches. Is there another destination like Arugam – bay away from hustle bustle? So plan your next destination to stay longer and get the best memories to your life gallery.