About Sri Lanka

The world creates an island called “Sri Lanka ” which is a best art of beauty. An island is a miracle of nature. Sri Lanka is one of them which blossoms in beauty. Sri Lanka is designated as the “pearl of Indian ocean”. It is situated in south east coast of Indian subcontinent. The capital city of Srilanka is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte Colombo is the largest city and it is considered as the commercial centre of Sri Lanka. Sinhala language is recognized as the main language and Buddhism as the main religion. The supremacy of the country is under the president, Mr Mithripala Sirisena and the prime minister, Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe. The government of Srilanka is a unitary semi presidential constitutional republic.04 th of February in 1948 is a significant day for Srilankans because they got the independence from British. It covers an area about 65,610 sq km.The general information of Srilanka are international air port is Bandaranaike airport, currency is Srilankan rupee, highest waterfall is Bambarakanda, highest peak is Piduruthalagala and largest river is Mahaweli.The shape of Srilanka is similar to an eye drop which is bounded by coastal plains. The interior of the country is composed of large range of mountains. It has a tropical climate consisting two monsoon seasons.

As mentioned in the ancient history of Sri lanka, King Vijaya from India arrived this Island and named it as “thambapanni”. He was the first recorded king of Srilanka.Before his arrival,Yaksha and nagha were the rulers. There were eight kingdoms in Sri lanka They were Anuradhapura kingdom, Polonnaruwa kingdom, Jaffna kingdom, Kingdom of dambadeniya, Kingdom of Gampola, Kingdom of Kotte, Kingdom of Sitawaka and Kandyan Kingdom. King Devanampiyatissa introduced Buddhism as the state religion. From 16th century, Srilanka was ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British. Finally, Srilanka got the independence from British in 1948.The period of Kingdoms of Srilanka was ended by King Weera Parakrama Narendrasinghe as the last Sinhalese king of Sri lanka. The indigenous group of people called veddha and their cultural practices are remaining in Dambana in Sri lanka.

In Srilanka, there is a multicultural society. Three main languages used here are Sinhala, Tamil and English. Three nations called Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims live together as one nation called Srilankan nation. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are named as four main religions of Srilanka which strengthen the spiritual practice in public life. The traditional clothing of Srilanka is fascinating because they are unique to Srilanka.Women wear Saree or Kandyan Saree while men wear sarong and shirt which gives a heroic appearance.Srilankan food are exceptional with their fetching culture.Milk rice,dhal curry,sour fish curry, string hoppers, green jackfruit curry (polos), coconut relish (pol sambol), and sweets such as kaum, kokis etc take the major part of their cuisine. The three main styles of classical dances are Kandyan dance, Low country dance and Sabaragamuwa dance which enrich their tradition.Srilankans celebrate events and festivals such as Sinhala and Tamil new year, Wesak poya festival, Poson poya festival, Kandy Esala perahera, Deepawali, Mahashivarathri, Ramazan and Christmas festival which portraying their rituals and beliefs.

The beauty of nature in Srilanka cannot be expressed by words. It should be enjoyed by your eyes.It’s beauty is enhanced with green charming hills, rivers and waterfalls running wild and free, huge forests and glamorous villages. The wonderful and famous waterfalls in Srilanka are Bambarakanda fall, Ramboda fall, Lover’s leap fall, Sera fall, Kirindi fall, Diyaluma fall, Dunhinda fall, St Clair’s fall and Ravana fall. They have a divine beauty which captivates the man’s mind. The foremost places of Srilanka to walk with nature are Ella rock, Little Adam’s peak, Horton Plains, Knuckles range, Meemure, Piduruthalagala and Adam’s peak. They are considered as the best hiking places and witness the beauty of every step of the way.Srilankan natural beauty is an example to appreciate the harmonious relationship between human and nature. Eight sights of Srilanka are named as world heritage sites by UNESCO. They are Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Golden temple of Dambulla, Old town of Galle, Sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sacred city of Kandy, Dinharaja forest reserve and Central highlands of Srilanka.

Tourism plays a major role in Srilankan economy. Sri Lanka is one of the most tourist attractions in the world because of the rich abundance of nature. Beautiful waterfalls, rivers, mountains, villages, sceneries, tea estates and other attractive places are enriched as tourist destinations. Cities like Kandy, Galle, Colombo and other cities are implemented with every facility for tourists. It’s able to watch heritages, beaches, wildlife, religious places and picturesque festivals in Srilanka. Art and culture, spices, tea, gems, handy crafts and its people are the unique features of Srilanka. Warm sun-kissed beaches are the best places to spend holidays. Tourism of Srilanka offers safaris, nature walks, and camping will be a wonderful experience for tourists. At present, Srilanka creates a peaceful and safe environment because terrorism has finished. Sri Lanka shows a great increment in hotel occupancy to perform well in the world tourism industry.Tourists in all over the world are warmly welcomed by the ministry of tourism in Srilanka to entertain with nature, wildlife seeing, bird watching, culture and entertaining activities such as visiting beaches for swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, rock climbing, hiking and so on.

Srilanka is a tropical island which is a demanding country for lovers of nature. The diversity of temperature, vegetation and scenic beauty create a wonderful nature in Srilanka.This island is a homeland for wonderful birds and animals.

People of the country are friendly and helpful. This wonderful collection creates an indicator to show the richness in every sector of Srilanka.